Dimmers and Lighting Control
Use dimmers and lighting control to help save energy and money while making the user experience more productive and comfortable.
Lutron Diva Series Dimmers Lutron Diva Series CFL and LED Dimmers Lutron Diva Series Low-voltage Dimmers
Lutron Maestro Series Dimmers Lutron Ariadni Series Preset/slide Toggle Dimmers Lutron Ariadni Series Fan-speed Controls
Lutron Rotary Fan Speed Controls Lutron RadioRA 2 Keypads Leviton Vizia RF  Remote Controller Programmers
Lutron Vizia  24-Hour Programmable Timer Switches Lutron Diva Fan Controls Lutron Nova T Series Dimmers
Lutron Claro Series Wall Plates Pass & Seymour Residential Dimmers Rotary R Series Pass & Seymour TradeMaster Toggles
General Electric Transformers General Electric TLC Relays General Electric RS2 Switches
General Electric Wall Plates and Brackets